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What is a Bubble Run? 

We all remember the good ol’ days when bubbles could be the highlight of your week.  Remember when blowing bubbles in the yard was a reason to race home from school? How about lathering up your car in the driveway for a good wash?  Or do you remember when there was nothing better than a bubble bath? (Okay, that is still true today!) 

Well, we’ve got some great news for you!  Bubble Run has brought those good ol’ days back– and the best part is you don’t have to clean up the mess.  Often imitated, never duplicated, Bubble Run is the original bubble run.  You can expect five kilometers (3.1 miles) of a bubbly, great time as you run, walk, dance, or even push a stroller through our fun run. 



Who Is It For?

Are you a competitive athlete?  A family looking for something exciting to do together?  Or are you just looking to get off the couch and get moving?  If you answered yes to any of these, then Bubble Run is for you.  Bubble Run is a flat course that is for any age or fitness level. If you can spend an hour walking and talking with family or friends, then you’re ready for Bubble Run.  We welcome everyone, and encourage you to move at your own pace. There’s really no pressure at all.




Is Bubble Run Just Another 5K?

No way!  Bubble Run starts with a bang.  You’ll be greeted by giant foam cannons showering you with foam as a DJ plays fun music at our pre-party.  Then when it’s time to run you’ll experience four bogs of colored suds (red, green, blue, and yellow.) So, what happens when you’re done?  You guessed it– even more bubbles! At our after-party (which is like a mini-music festival) those foam cannons will be turned to full blast.




Should You Do A Bubble Run?

You don’t have to take our word for it (though we say yes.)  Since 2013, Bubble Run has hosted over 1.2 million participants all across the country.  Take one quick glance at social media and you’ll discover miles and miles of smiles.

Get your sneakers, strollers, and sunglasses ready, it’s time for Bubble Run!  Come find out for yourself why we call it good clean run.