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  • What is the Bubble RUN™?

    Participants run, walk, dance and play across 3 miles rad real estate. Foam Bogs of colored suds are encountered along the course, bringing back memories of car washes and bathtub bubble beards. Other than the fact that they’re serious about having fun, runners in the BUBBLE RUN™ range from first timers (plenty) to seasoned competitors. But there’s no race clock, no timing chips, no ESPN coverage. Take your time and don’t worry about setting a PR. But if you must, time your run with your own device. It’s cool.

  • How do I register someone under 18?

    Below are steps to register someone else below 18 (i.e. a minor) for an event on

    • Access event registration page from or event’s website
    • On Select Category page, select desired category
    • Click Continue
    • Note: you will be asked to input email address if you don’t have an account or are not logged in.
    • At Select participant section on Complete Form page, select Someone else, below 18
    • Verify or complete your information as guardian, and confirm your identity by checking Relationship box
    • Complete the minor participant’s information and other fields below
  • Can I transfer my entry to a different location?

    Please find instructions below to transfer your registration to a different location/event.

    *You may only transfer to an event or wave that is not SOLD out!

    1. Sign in to your Active account or click MYEVENTS in your confirmation email.

    2. Select an event from the list displayed on your MYEVENTS page.

    3. Click the “Change Event” button.

    4. Select your NEW Event/Location and hit continue.

    *You can only transfer to available waves. Some participant limits per wave are still in place. These are available on a first come basis.

    5. Scroll down the page and select your desired WAVE time if applicable.

    6. Click Continue.

    7. On the next page, make sure to complete participant’s information then accept the waiver and agreements, type your name in the electronic signature box.

    8. Hit Continue.

    9. Review and Enter your credit card information for the processing fee of $5.47.

    10. Hit Complete, then you will receive a new confirmation email.

  • What is included with my registration?
    • Admission to Bubble RUN
    • Race t-shirt
    • Bubble RUN tattoo
    • Finisher medal
    • Race bib number with safety pins

    This does not include any purchased merchandise. This can be picked up at the race. Just jump ahead to the preorder line at our Bubble RUN store and pick up your gear!

  • How can I view my registration information, team, start time, or purchase additional goodies?

    You can view your registration information directly from your user account by following these steps:

    1.) Login to
    2.) Locate your registration using registration ID

    • To confirm the information on your registration: Select the View-My-Registration link under the Bubble RUN™ Registration
    • To change your heat time: From the Main Registration page, select Change-event-category. On the following pages, select your new heat time and verify your registration information. You will then agree to the waiver, electronically sign, and then complete the transfer.
    • To purchase additional merchandise or shipping: From the Main Registration page, click on Purchase-additional-merchandise. Select the Bubble RUN™ merchandise you would like to purchase and hit CONTINUE. You will see the amount due on the next page. Enter your credit card information and COMPLETE.
    • To manage your team: From the Main Registration page, select Manage-my-team. Here, you can view the members of your team, email team, or invite more people.

    If you purchased additional merchandise, it can be picked up quickly and easily at the merchandise tent! All you need to do is tell our awesome merchandising bubblers your name, and they will get your pre-ordered items to you right away! ????

  • Can a friend pickup my packet?

    Sure thing!

    Just give the designated picker-upper a copy of your registration receipt (the one with the scancode). Easy Peasy. If you no longer have your receipt, please sign on to your account to retrieve it.

  • Where can I pick up my merchandise?

    All purchases outside of your race packet can be picked up quickly and easily at the Blue Merchandise Tent on race day. Please provide our awesome merchandising bubblers with your name, confirmation email, and they will get your pre-ordered items to you right away! All items that have been pre-ordered MUST be picked up by start time on race day or at packet pickup. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to mail items to you after race day any items that have not been claimed will be forfeited and donated.

  • Can I transfer my entry to another person?

    Please find Instructions below on how to transfer your registration to someone else.


    1. Sign in to your Active account or click MYEVENTS in your confirmation email.

    2. Select an event from the list displayed on your MYEVENTS page.

    3. Click the “Transfer Registration” button.

    4. Enter the email address for the “New Participant”. You will be responsible for paying the transfer fee of $5.47. The “New Participant” will be responsible for paying any new registration fee that applies. Once the new participant claims the registration, your old registration will be canceled and your entry fee will be refunded.

    5. The new participant will receive a confirmation registration email from Active.

    6. In the confirmation email, “Click Claim” registration.

    7. Fill out the registration form with the new participant’s information.

    8. Read and check the waivers/agreements carefully, then sign the waiver and click Continue

    9. On the Checkout page, enter your credit card information and select continue to pay the new fee.

    10. You will then receive a new confirmation email and receipt.

  • If my child is under 4, do they still need to be registered?

    Great question! Little bubblers 4 and under are free and do not need to be registered. Please keep in mind that since your child is not a paid registrant, they will not receive a race packet.

  • What about jogging strollers and wagons?

    Bring ‘em on! Just no bicycles, scooters, or anything like that. The foam is completely safe for the little guys too! Please note that the colored foam may stain the material on the stroller. Also, DO NOT stop or let go of the handle of the wagon or stroller while in the bogs. Stopping or sitting in the bogs can create a dangerous situation to your little peeps and anyone else that may not see them in the bubbles.

  • What else should I bring?

    In addition to a fun attitude, big smile and high fives, we suggest bringing sunglasses (or you can purchase some at the Bubble Run™ Store) a towel, and perhaps a change of shoes. Typically you won’t get too wet, but the longer you play in the bubbles, the more wet you’ll get. If you’re bringing kids with you, consider bringing some little swim goggles for them since the bubbles will probably be taller than they are. As well as a bandana so your little bubble bandit doesn’t taste soap all morning. Also consider purchasing one of our super neat Bubble RUN™ drawstring backpacks to tote your items in style! As we will not have storage facilities on site, please plan to bring only what you can carry with you onto the course.

  • Can I run with my dog?

    We love dogs, but the Bubble RUN™ is canine free. Sorry

  • What is your refund policy?

    We are a no refunds event! Therefore, please triple-check your calendar prior to signing up!

    If you absolutely cannot attend anymore, you can transfer your entry to a friend or to a different location we host in the same calendar year anytime prior to 48 hours before a race (see our FAQ on how to transfer to another person/location). If neither option works for you, at least come to Packet Pickup to snatch your swag and say hello. We’d love to meet you!

    Adverse weather: As stated in the waiver there are no refunds due to adverse weather. In the event that weather or other unforeseeable conditions are deemed by the event organizers and/or City Officials to be potentially hazardous to participants, bubbleteers and staff, the organizers reserve the right to postpone the start time or cancel the event outright. Cancellation of the event may take place either prior to the start of the event or at any time while the event is taking place.

    There will be no refunds or deferrals for weather cancellation.

    Dates and Locations are subject to change at any time.

  • Where does all the foam go after the event?

    GREAT question.

    At each Bubble Run we hire a third party water reclamation company that not only pressure washes the surfaces, but also has an extraction process. All the water/foam is then vacuumed up and transported to their treatment areas and reclaimed.


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